Coffee as unique as you are

Special moments are all around us. Small moments, but also big ones. Enjoying the sun after a rain shower. Coming home to a warm home with loving people around you. Expressed appreciation after you have helped someone. A new job, graduated or moved into your dream home. Our days are filled with moments we want to dwell on. That includes a resting point that manages to hold on to the moment.

With lagendi coffee, every moment becomes special. Lagendi selects the most exclusive beans in the world. The most inhospitable areas deliver the most unique flavors. At an inactive volcano, in a virtually uninhabited region or from small-scale, independent farmers. Lagendi doesn’t stop until the very best bean for the blend is found. If the beans are selected, they are roasted separately for their own unique heat and duration. This way, every bean comes into its own before the blending starts. The end result is a coffee that is unique, just like you.

Our story

Lagendi originated from the personal conviction that making and drinking coffee can and should be better. Making coffee is a very labor-intensive process, both in the countries where the coffee is grown and the points where the coffee is roasted and blended. That is why we at Lagendi believe that every step in this process should take place with the utmost care. When knowledge, expertise and attention come together, a beautiful end product is guaranteed.

do good and drink lagendi

Drinking the perfect cup of coffee shouldn’t just be a beautiful experience for you. That is why Lagendi believes it is important that we also involve others in our pursuit of perfection. For example, every year we support a charity that deals with water management and the conservation of nature and rainforest. You help us strive for a better world, because €1 of every consumer packaging sold goes to this carefully selected charity. This way you enjoy special coffee at special moments and you help others to a better living environment.

about the lagendi blends

At Lagendi we only work with coffee beans of the highest quality from the best areas. Thanks to special agreements with our coffee farmers from Brazil, Guatemala and El Salvador, we always get their best Arabica beans. These three different beans are each roasted separately in the coffee roasting plant that has been delivering beautiful work for more than 150 years. Thanks to these three separate roasts, it is possible to roast each bean at its ideal temperature and according to its best curve. Each roasting is tasted and tested according to our own standards. Only the best and most exclusive coffee beans make it to blending, which is carried out according to a unique and secret formula.

After blending, the blends are packed in an airtight bag, so that the beans retain their delicious aroma. This bag is then in a beautiful box, which reflects the rich sensation of the beans. In this way, the packaging can occupy a prominent place in the kitchen or giving this special coffee becomes a real gift.


Lagendi’s coffee can be experienced exclusively at selected restaurants. At these restaurants it is also possible to purchase the coffee so that you can also create the luxurious feeling at home. We consciously choose to only offer the coffee through these channels, because the production of the blend is a unique and labor-intensive process. In order to always be able to guarantee quality, it is important that the quantities remain small.

Lagendi in the hospitality industry

As the owner of one of the top-rated restaurants in the Netherlands, you know that coffee is one of the most important beverages on the menu. You want your guests to experience an exceptional visit, so you pour coffee that makes them feel special. To pamper your guests in such a way, lagendi coffee is the best choice. The unique blend of the highest quality coffee beans provide a valuable end to the carefully composed dinner.

To be eligible to serve Lagendi’s coffee, please contact us. During a visit we will tell you more about the process of selecting and blending the coffee beans and roasting the blend. Then we are very curious about your vision, so that we can determine whether Lagendi is the right coffee for your restaurant.

Lagendi’s coffee can easily be served alongside the regular coffee. Lagendi’s coffee is mainly for the special moments. Is there something to celebrate, the opening of a nice meeting or a closing of a chic dinner? Lagendi’s coffee makes every moment special. Your guests will appreciate this luxurious experience and recommend it to others.

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